Hydraulic analysis of large-scale pipeline systems

Hydraulic pipeline systems are in the research area of the Department of Hydrodynamic Systems for decades. The main focus is concentrated around steady-state or transient issues, optimization and sensor placement solutions.
Keywords: Pipe flow, hydraulic systems, water distribution system, sensor placement, optimization.


STACI is developed by the colleagues of the department and it is capable of calculating the steady state hydrulcs of networks.

Pipe roughness calibration

Our calibration method is capable of adjusting every pipe roughness coefficient individually basod on pressure measurement data.

Sensor placement

Placing the pressure transducers at the proper positions can be critical in the aspect of accuracy of the calibration procedure.

Increasing firewater capacity

Our theory is capable of determining the positions of a newly installed pipe to increase the firewater capacity in an optimal way.

Air valve

We can examine air valves in the enviroment of laboratory and simulation.


The most important articles and conference papers from the recent years.


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